Rhiannon Bray

Seeing our penis go into the magnificent mouth of Rhiannon Bray - between her flashing teeth- while her magnificent breasts heave mightily is a pleasure for which we would pay generously. Now add up all the enticing orifices on that fabulous body, and you can see that Rhiannon could become a pretty costly piece of ass. But worth it, we might add. Thus fucking Rhiannon all possible ways to Sunday can be an especially piquant form of amusment. Raised on a pedestal of poetry, Rhiannon also enjoys being courted with mysterious language. An "Excuse me, lady, but can I fuck you in the ass?" is a suggestion loaded with the kind of subtle promise and romance that particularly arouses her. Just make sure you've got enough rhyming couplets ready to match up with her number of holes or else it's going to be a long afternoon.

Ariana Jollee

Among his many axioms, maxims and proverbs, Benjamin Franklin is rarely credited with the now famous, "a load in every hole." There are several reasons for this, one being that gangbangs had yet to be copyrighted, but Franklin, among his many inventions, would soon take care of that; that historians in their zeal to re-write the story of this country were quick to overlook the notion that Franklin and others of his randy ilk were unquenchable vagina hounds; and, most importantly, the more simple fact that Ariana Jollee was a few centuries away from being born. Women in Ben's day, you see, were far too prissy, uptight and concerned with cooking porridge and sewing flags to be servicing the far greater needs of their country. Census-wise, and you can look it up, men way outnumbered women in the new world, thus a multi-holed woman with a smile and an accommodating attitude would be seen as a welcome respite for troops frozen in by ice jams on the Delaware River. Had governments subscribed to a more carnal way of tackling issues, grievances may have been settled far differently. But that's only a theory.

Brooke Balentyne

According to Einstein, there's an infinite number of holes in the universe, and Brooke Balentyne seems to have most of them. Savvy lass, Brooke's quite aware of this fact, and because she has the blood of the Cherokees coursing through her hot veins, Brooke intends to make the most of it. Unlike most of the stupid chicks in the porn biz, Brooke's saving her money with plans of opening a casino on a reservation some day. That way she'll get back at all the guys who poked their dicks wantonly in her numerous holes- by taking their money on games of chance. Brooke could have probably handled it another way by going psycho and stabbing each one of those misfits in lonely motel rooms, but what would have been the point? This way she empties their wallets legally and gets to sit pretty instead of in a jail cell.

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